In order to constantly improve the quality of our products, here at Maxcom we apply ever stricter production quality standards.

We possess our own laboratories where we conduct tests on a regular basis both on bicycles from our own production and on bicycles from other brands. Tests include testing of the coating of the finished product, testing of the various components and performing dynamic road tests of fully assembled bicycles.

Some of the tests we conduct are the following:

  • A cross-cut test which aims to evaluate the level of adhesion between the coating and the frame and between the different layers of the paint;
  • An impact test with DuPont equipment;
  • A salt-spray test designed to measure coating resistance to aggressive environmental factors;
  • A dynamic road test for a fully assembled bicycle;
  • A test of the braking system of a fully assembled bicycle, and many others.


Test results are processed and visualised with machine digital software which guarantees reliability and independence of the obtained data. This way we have the opportunity to react in a timely manner in case that any adjustments are needed during the various production stages.


The equipment helps us create suitable testing conditions which are different from the ones specified in standards. It allows for a more detailed study of the different parts of the bicycle and through implementing final technological control we guarantee the high quality of the bicycles which we produce.


Through constant investment and tests to obtain reliable data we yet again demonstrate our dedication to constantly control and improve our products. This dedication underlies the entire production process from the selection of the various components to the forwarding of the finished product.