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LEAN programme 20 KEYS
LEAN programme 20 KEYS
Dear clients,

The management of MAX EUROPE EOOD is launching a new long-term project - the LEAN programme 20 KEYS, whose aim is to improve the overall operating performance and quality in the companies within the holding - MAXCOM, MAXBIKE, VELOTEC AND CHIPOLINO.

The Lean management concept originated from the Toyota production system but it grew to become a management concept currently being applied by the majority of the leading companies in the field worldwide. Lean means 'Making more with fewer resources while meeting customer needs more closely'.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with the leading consultancy company in Bulgaria - Next Consult OOD.

The programme draws on the Japanese Lean methodology 20 KEYS, which has been implemented over the last three decades in more than 700 companies of different scales in more than 35 countries, including Bulgaria. The 20 KEYS methodology allows for an overall assessment of the condition of a given organisation and its systematic improvement step by step by expending efforts in 20 interconnected business areas.

An important aspect of the 20 KEYS programme is the interconnection and synergy between the different Keys. The 20 keys are balanced in such a way that any effort invested in a single key improves company levels in terms of other keys as well. Therefore, it is not necessary to work on all 20 areas simultaneously and the Lean transformation process is run more efficiently. The 20 KEYS programme was designed to: help effectively reach strategic goals; improve company development opportunities; eliminate any losses; motivate employees to strive for constant improvement; keep the company one step ahead of the competition.


The main goals of the 20 KEYS programme are as follows:

►      Working BETTER - achieving production with fewer faults and better quality;

►      Being FASTER - reducing the time between order placement and delivery to the client;

►      Being MORE EFFICIENT - having fewer losses in terms of materials and other resources, being more productive and producing at lower costs;

►      Creating a HIGH-ENERGY work environment - safer working conditions, more organised work spaces, better trained and motivated workforce.

Maxim Mitkov
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