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Maxcom collected 160 kg of textiles in 2023 through the BCK campaign
Maxcom collected 160 kg of textiles in 2023 through the BCK campaign
In 2023 Maxcom once again took part in the nationwide campaign launched by the Bulgarian Red Cross for collection of used textile. Containers for collection of used clothes and textile items were placed all over the factory ground.

The collected quantity of clothes and other textile pieces was transported to specialized plants where it was sorted out for processing or second hand uses. Some of the collected items were used to complete the crisis reserve of the Bulgarian Red Cross, another portion was sent to third world countries and the items that were not good for secondary use were redirected for processing and utilized as raw materials in different industries as needed.

In addition to the social and humanitarian benefits, recycled textile has a positive effect on the environment as well.

According to TEXLIFE OOD, which is the company organizing the campaign in collaboration with the Bulgarian Red Cross, the quantity of collected used textile by Maxcom, that is 160 kg, was equivalent to 2.4 tons of less carbon dioxide released in environment for the manufacture of clothes and shoes in 2023.

Textile manufacture also leads to contamination of pure water and the separate collection of 160 kg of textile saved the use of 871.68 m3 of water in 2023.

Less pesticides were used for the cultivation of agricultural crops utilized in the textile industry. Gasoline and electric power are the other resources, the consumption of which was also reduced as a result.

And last but not least, Maxcom campaign for textile recycling was a great contribution towards the adoption of corporate attitude and building model communities where we all live and work.
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