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Maxcom launches a project for the children of its employees
Maxcom launches a project for the children of its employees
Maxcom has launched a project aimed at the children of its employees.

One of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe has initiated a campaign focused on education and cultivating a work culture among the children of its workforce.

Max Europe employees with children over the age of 16 have the opportunity to participate in the "First Steps at Work for Our Children" program. Initiated entirely by the management, the program aims to involve the children of employees in the company's work processes. With the assistance of mentors, the program aims to transform their raw enthusiasm into knowledge and skills while providing them with an insider's view of how a large-scale enterprise like Max Europe functions, which is one of the driving forces of our country's economy.

"First Steps at Work for Our Children" allows the children to start building their work ethics in an environment that their parents are familiar with and among people they trust. The young participants will undertake various roles distributed across different departments to gain a rich experience that will prepare them for their future professional careers. By participating in the project, parents have the opportunity to increase their household income while contributing to the development of their child.

However, the program goes beyond working within the holding company. As a reward for their responsible attitude towards education, Max Europe offers two types of targeted awards: one for successful completion of the 12th grade and another for enrolling in regular higher education.

At the launch of the project, the children were welcomed by Nikolay Boyadzhiev, the Economic Director of Maxcom, who emphasized the wonderful opportunity they have to get acquainted with the operations of a large-scale production enterprise. He encouraged them to be bold, not hesitate to ask questions, and interact with colleagues in their assigned departments to derive maximum benefit from their participation in the corporation's work processes.

This program demonstrates that Max Europe's focus is on building loyal relationships with its employees in a responsible manner, providing them with the support they can rely on from their employer, which also yields dividends for their children.

By directing their attention towards education and the career start of the future workforce of our country, Max Europe establishes itself as a responsible organization that brings value to society and the environment in which it operates.
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