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Quality Policy
Quality Policy
The strategic objective of the corporate quality policy is: Successful development as a leading company in the bicycle industry which offers the best customised solutions to its customers! A company which is operating based on the consistent customer satisfaction with the quality of our products, achieved in the best possible and most efficient way!

The realization of this strategy is based on the following principles:

 customer oriented business;
 management commitment;
 personnel responsibility;
 operation based on process approach;
 implementation of a system approach based on risk and capacity to the management of business processes;
 continuous improvement;
 decision-making, based on facts and evidences;
 mutually-beneficial partnership with suppliers.

In order to achieve the strategic objective, we have committed ourselves to working towards the following priority goals:
1. Implementation, successful maintenance and development of a Corporate Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.
2. High level of responsibility and quality of customer relations, continuous studying of customer expectations and requirements regarding the range, technical capabilities and design of the products offered. Constant evaluation of the achieved level of customer satisfaction and continuous striving to increase it.
3. High level of responsibility for the quality on the part of all managers and all members of the company personnel. Mutual trust, collective spirit and loyalty.
4. Improving the competence of employees at all company levels in order to achieve the objectives set and the constantly increasing requirements. Achieving high discipline and personal responsibility for the quality by each employee. Providing conditions for motivation and company culture.

5. Achieving high quality products through efficient production using a modern management organization and a process approach to continuously improve each process and every activity based on facts and analysis
6. Mutually-beneficial partnership with our suppliers for the successful development of both parties - diversification of our product ranges, ensuring reliable deliveries in terms of quality and timeliness.

The management is responsible for the overall implementation of the quality policy and objectives and annually - upon the reviews of the CQMS, evaluates the results achieved, determines the need for change and links the main objectives with a system of measurable indicators and criteria that allow an objective evaluation of the achieved results.
The objectives can be achieved only through the active participation of all employees of MAX EUROPE EOOD, MAXCOM EOOD and CHIPOLINO EOOD. To this end the management annually sets current goals for companies and structural units - specific goals for particular activities, whose implementation is constantly monitored and evaluated.
The senior management of MAX EUROPE EOOD is convinced that all employees are well-aware of the important role which quality plays in our development. We expect everyone, within their power, responsibility and abilities, to work consciously and actively for the implementation of the policy and the fulfilment of our quality objectives.

The consistent realization of objectives and fulfilment of the requirements set by the Corporate Quality Management System are personal responsibility of each corporation employee, regardless of their position.

In my capacity as Manager of the corporation MAX EUROPE EOOD,

my personal commitment and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality policy.

09.11.2021 MANAGER:
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