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To be tolerant on the road
To be tolerant on the road
To be responsible on the road. To respect each other. To fulfill our duties as participants in the movement, but also to be tolerant to others.

Every year, hundreds of accidents happen between the bikers, drivers and pedestrians. Much of them are the result of a human error. Such is the story of 31-year-old Todor, our colleague, who is an avid cyclist and who is cycling every day. On November 2, going to work with his bike, he was hit by a car that did not stop at the stop. Fortunately, Todor is alive and healthy, but that is not the case with many others.

It is this serial incident that motivates us to call for greater tolerance on the video road, provoked by the case. The main appeal - to be responsible and careful on the road - is directed at all road users - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. To respect each other so that everyone can come alive and healthy to the people he loves.

Take a look at the video to tell you a story about road tolerance. Just as we believe it should happen every day.
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