MAXCOM - A European Bicycle Manufacturer

Since 1996


is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in East Europe. We have started operations in 1996 and since then we continue developing and expanding our business. In 2001 our bikes were officially introduced in the EU and since then over 95% of our OEM products are sold to European customers.

Today, Maxcom Ltd. is a part of the group MAXEUROPE. Our contemporary manufacturing plant is situated on 40 000 square meters and has the capacity to annually produce of over  400 000 bicycles from different types and segments. We achieve such accomplishment as a result of our strict policy for constant investment in R & D and human recourses. This allows Maxcom to be an example of speed, reliability and flexibility.


Sprint is the brand in which for over 20 years we have continuously been investing passion and effort to create a bicycle, providing you with the most pleasurable and comfortable riding experience possible.
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Bicycles designed to incorporate the latest advances in technology, ergonomics, and design. Each bicycle is a potential champion.
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